Are you tired of replacing wooden handrails due to wood rot? Do you want to modernize the look of your home or business? Our fabricators can take your ideas and make and install a beautiful set of steel handrails.


Custom Fabrication

Pictured is a custom built Nelson Studs requested by one of our customers. The customer provided the dimensions and our fabricators were able to build exactly what they were needing.  Let our fabricators take a look at what you have in mind and help with your next project.

Base Plates

Base plates are used to anchor posts, beams, and railings to a solid surface such as concrete or asphalt. They are cut from steel and come in many shapes and sizes. They also are made in different thicknesses depending on your structural needs.

Base Plates

Pipe Bollards

Pipe Bollards are made of carbon steel  pipe filled with concrete, and typically painted a bright color such as yellow. Heights typically range from 30" to 48" tall. Pipe Bollards are used to block vehicle intrusions in front of buildings, or shopping centers. You also see them in front of gas pumps, and ATM's.


Our welders can handle a variety of jobs, small or large.  We are able to offer custom built projects such as grills, handrails, steel fencing and gates. Our welders have built metal containers from the ground up for one of our commercial customers. If you have a container or rail car that is in need of repair, we can handle that as well.

Macro shot of a black metal surface with round holes, gray background.

Hole Punches

SLM Steel & Fabrication can customize and punch various sizes of holes into your carbon steel based on what your project needs are.

We would love to help with your next project.

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